The Bangali (Bong) Look

Who doesn’t love to be a Bangali girl? The elegance, the culture, the grace is infallible. And what makes a Bangali girl more prominent than anything else? Any guesses? Yes! A Saree!  This time I tried a look based on Bangali culture (Bengali). Have a look: How do you feel about this? Simple yet prismatic! […]

The Elegant Radiance Look

I created this look with the help of some mixed cosmetics. Here goes the details : Hair: Ruffled hair. Coloured with professional hair colour. Mahogany red. Now faded. I have a hair with natural curls. I induce them more by ruffling them using hands into rough curls. Eyes: Thin winged eyeliner above. Both side eyelashes […]

How to fix a broken nail

Hey guys, today I will keep it short and if possible include more details later as I am running late due to my exams. But I am really excited to share the latest hack discovered by me to a get a broken nail fixed in seconds! So, all of us (ladies) get really upset when […]

The Essence Of Khadi

​When nothing feels good in our hot summer country, only Khadi does. Our indigenous textile is truly made for India and it’s heat. Beat the heat with khadi. Here is an outfit from my closet absolutely made for summer. My khadi kurta with some simple prints was an extremely light wear that helped me get […]

My New DIY Nail Art

As I promised, I am here to share the steps to make my new nail art. I won’t get into a long blog, but for information nail art is quite simple and we don’t need to pay the parlours every time for everything.Innovation is fun! Anyways, so the colours I used were 1) Mint Green […]

My new shades of love!

In this blog I am going to review my new shades from Van Huesen which has just arrived a few days back. I ordered them online and I am fully satisfied with the delivery. Here’s a glimpse of it: They provided me with the intact sunglasses, a protective case and a cleaning cloth. And that’s […]


Last day outing was all about fun with friends and a movie that I didn’t find interesting. So the best part of the day was getting clicked and spending good time with friends! It was a day of woman in black. Black is an an abstract colour though its mostly about darkness but i think […]

A day in pink!

When you’re too bored you should choose something peppy to freshen and liven up your life! Here’s what I did. I just took out this dress from my wardrobe, got myself ready and started getting clicked! It’s a very favourite dress of mine, in baby pink colour and black stars all over. It gives me […]

It’s Springtime !!

Hello guys! And as we can see, the most beautiful season is arriving in a fast pace- all of our favourite SPRING!!! Spring always reminds me of floral, blossoms, bright colours and happiness! The fragrance, the aura it’s all flowery! So it just hit my mind to look up to my nails once! Not always […]

Hot & Casual

Up for some weekday fun after a long tiring routine. A boring timetable can be broken down only by some sassy and spicy look. Yet it’s a weekday so can’t go too gorgeous. Red and black always seems perfect for such times! So here it is: A tinge of the hot combo with a casual […]