My Signature Fragrance for this summer- Trescho Florida Rose Essential

Hello there fam! Thanks for turning up here. Since this summer happened, I have been craving for a proper floral fragrance which can make me feel a little fresher in this sticky weather. I couldn’t find one unless now!

I got my hands on the Trescho Florida Perfume in the fragrance ‘Rose Essential’. It’s an Eau De Parfum and as the name says, it has the perfect essence of roses! 

It has light to medium intensity and comprises of a lot of summery notes like cassis or black currant, pear, mango, melon, cedar, musk and last but not the least, roses. 

It will cost you Rs. 650/- for a bottle of 100 ml. The fragrance lasts long and you’ll need only 1-2 pumps for a single use. Thus, it’s cost effective as well.

I find the perfume working for both night and day outs and so this my signature fragrance for the current summer.

Enjoy the sunny days with a fresh aura just like I am doing!

Check out their range here: Trescho Perfumes 

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