A Casual Affair ft. ROMWE

A windy day, a few street lights and a Sun ready to sink but still not down. Perfect for a shoot? Well, yes. I just thought it f capturing my casual moods this time.

Our moods are just like our flings! They should never be taken seriously. Once you make that mistake, you’re literally going to regret.

Casualty is prevalent in our lives nowadays which I am really unsure is leading to a fruitful life or not but living in the moment with a smile on your face do matters so whatever be the situation, be casual with your brain. Don’t let it stress out over anything which is going to be insignificant in ten years from now.

So, this time my look is also like one of my mood. Very light and chic. Hope you like it!


Bag from Benetton

Rest from local stores!

Photography by Sanjeev Basu

Location: Kolkata, India

For any queries, hit me up anytime through mails or messages. Hope you liked my look! More looks coming up soon…

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