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Eco Friendly Housing at New Kolkata & World Earth Day 2018

22nd April, a Sunday. Ordinary lazy feelings associated right? Or I guess you must be knowing about the significance. If not then let me tell you- It was World Earth Day 2018! Yes. The day which stands equal to every nation without any borders. I believe human beings are the biggest enemies of the blue planet but I salute some Eco-friendly soldiers of the mother earth who are trying their level best to maintain the ecosystem in proper balance.

Recycling is the key!

I don’t remember if I did something very special on this day for quite many years. I am being very honest. But this year, my work gave me an opportunity to be a part of a majestic and eco-friendly celebration by New Kolkata, a green home design project by Alcove.

Before arriving at the main project of New Kolkata!

Before getting to the mains, let me clear some of the basics in the beginning-

1. Who is Alcove Realty?

Alcove Realty is a real estate Kolkata brand started by Shri Amarnath Shroff, former president of CREDAI Bengal. They have changed the skyline of Kolkata with towering projects like Brindavan Gardens and Alcove Gloria. To know more about them, click here: Know Us Before Buying

2. What is New Kolkata?

New Kolkata is Eastern India’s tallest affordable township flats in Serampore, Hooghly. Right beside the river Ganges, it has 42 towers in plan and a total 5000 flats with 100% Eco-friendly house ideas. It has its own jetty and ferry services available to make sure you reach any destination at any time.

Here are some first looks at the New Kolkata project:

The Outer View of Serampore New Kolkata

The decor at the entrance of New Kolkata
The miniature model of New Kolkata project

Some of my own beautiful moments from the luxuriously air-conditioned jetty in New Kolkata are here!


The luxurious jetty service

3. Why New Kolkata?

  • It has green home building plans which are healthy and Eco-friendly.
  • It had something for everyone including a kids zone, a pet park, home theatre, banquet hall, diagnostic centre with doctors chamber, pharmacy with all best amenities, a shopping zone, landscaped water body, jogging tracks and riverside walking paths and much more!
  • It has affordable housing within/ under 30 lakhs starting from a budget of 14.3 lakhs! They have small home plans to large home plans both providing the taste of luxury in nature!
  • It has four-way connectivity, namely road, rail, river and metro!
  • The flats are available in all sizes.
  • The decor is extremely aesthetic and eye pleasing!
  • You’ll be getting a modern mini ecosystem without the extreme pollution of a metropolis due to its greenhouse plans.
A sumptuous amount of green area!
The Greenhouse Plan
Recycling plans
Home theatre/audio-visual hall
Children’s play area
Affordable housing plans in all sizes
The common lawn/balcony area
Eco-friendly in-house plantation

4. How did New Kolkata celebrate World Earth Day?

New Kolkata inaugurated the birth of a green habitants club as the main part of the complex of the society of flats in New Kolkata. The residents were invited to become the members of the club and their main objective was Make Everyday, Earth Day which will continue forever through regular eco-friendly activities or workshops and seminars, e.t.c. These were also held on the same day in which every resident gladly took part!

Recycling and Eco-friendly creativity

Mini plantations made by the residents

5. What is the plot/floor planning in New Kolkata?

As mentioned before, there are 5000 flats in New Kolkata with three main blocks. The flats are available in 1 bhk, 2 bhk and 3 bhk with a common lawn area facing the riverside on each floor. The floor plans are modern and are basically green home building plans which ensures a good health and fit mind!

Plan 1:

3 bhk flat in Serampore New Kolkata project

Plan 2:

2 bhk flat in Serampore New Kolkata project

Plan 3:

1 bhk flat in Serampore New Kolkata project

Common area plan:

Floor lawn area available on every floor of New Kolkata project

So basically, the eco-home plans are extremely affordable and in the same place too aesthetic to the eyes. New Kolkata is exactly what every person wants in a society. As it promises for a corporate building as well, I am sure it will promote extreme growth in the society. The World Earth Day event was extremely impressive and most importantly innovative. In one sentence I can say is that “Finally I could breathe!”

Project Address
Alcove Developers LLP
New Kolkata site, 449/A/2,
G.T.Road, Mahesh, Serampore,
Hooghly, West Bengal

|The three phases of entire New Kolkata Project|

In case of any more details about New Kolkata flats in Serampore, Hooghly or enrollment of the site visit itself, click here:

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