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Hi guys! Hope you all are doing well.

I have been getting a lot of blog requests from you all for tips on blogging, so I have come up with one. I thank you for your trust. This is my personal opinion for bloggers to improve their working pattern and match up to this fast-paced world. So, here it goes!

Life is too short to live the dream. We are now privileged with speed to increase the pace of our journey. Our ancestors used to walk for miles just to drop a single message from one place to another, but luckily for us it takes just a few second through email, SMS, chat apps or social media. I feel extremely privileged to be a part of this technologically developed generation.

I chose to be a blogger because I love sharing. When I gain some knowledge or make any mistake, I always feel like sharing it with the world. I feel I am born to share and spread happiness. Staying connected with all of you is my most important priority among the daily chores.

And guess who helps me with this?

It’s obviously my favourite smartphone and my data service provider! As a blogger, there are some key points I need to maintain. They are:

  • Creative writing skills
  • Diverse content creation
  • High-quality images shot either by a DSLR or a smartphone camera
  • A fast and ever going network and internet connection

Thus, all the aspiring bloggers reading this must follow the above points before starting.

Data connectivity is important for every single person, but for us, it’s our lifeline.

We cannot afford losing touch with our social media family because a little interruption can lead to big losses. I have tried many different connections to improve my network experience and I stopped at Vodafone.

To be honest, Vodafone has changed my life and I can say this every time, straight out of my heart! With their array of data plans at amazing costs and great network, my blogging flourished more than ever.

Every blogger or just anyone else, who wants to stay connected uninterruptedly, should choose Vodafone as their network which I recommend from my own experience. When I personally recommend something, you can always count on it because as a blogger it’s my duty to tell you what’s good or bad with complete honesty. There are so many aspiring bloggers and influencers following me for opinions and suggestions. Although I don’t know if I deserve that love but I will never break your trust for sure.

I would love to share some of my experiences with you all!

1. Staying connected 24/7 – Most of my work is brought to me through emails. I can never stop checking my emails. I have to stay connected with the brands I work with the responsibility to keep away any doubt or hassles. A single disconnection can ruin my whole day, which with Vodafone I hardly experience. Their 3G/4G data strong network connection is the best option I could avail.

2. Posting on social media – I am a blogger, social media influencer and a YouTuber. All day I keep posting high-quality content, which takes high memory usage and data while uploading. I would proudly declare Vodafone as the solution behind this problem, as their fair cost unlimited data plans made this possible. I upload all my content at a high-speed without any fear of data cost deduction anywhere and anytime. I believe that their unlimited plans are quite cost-effective and appropriate for high data consumption.

3. Personal connectivity – I am always on the go. I travel a lot for shoots – from my home to faraway remote locations or indoor shoots in enclosed studios. This doesn’t mean that I can log off from my responsibilities. Vodafone ensures that I have connection on my smart phone at all the locations where other networks hardly reach. Vodafone keeps me connected!

4. Staying updated – It’s very important for me to stay updated with what’s going on in the world while on the go because I hardly get time to sit in front of the television or read the newspaper to grab news. Thus, my only option is to check out news briefs through internet browsing. As a blogger, I need to be aware of social issues and Vodafone helps me with this as well with their high-speed data strong network internet connection. I just love how fast the pages load without wasting my time like Indian traffic. Phew!!

5. Travelling is easier and safer – A stable connection is extremely necessary to travel all day to attend different events and shoots. With the strong connection from Vodafone, I very rarely have to worry as to find a transport even if it’s a remote area. With help of transportation apps and maps, I am always safe. That is why I recommend Vodafone because it doesn’t disappoint me ever. It’s a suggestion to my whole blogger community as well. You can also use the My Vodafone App to recharge your balance very quickly at any place without any hassle of finding a shop!

6. Entertainment – Last but not the least, in between the daily humdrum of our life we forget to enjoy it for real! As time is less and entertainment is extremely necessary to keep our brain healthy I have switched to internet apps which can show my favourite TV shows, music, movies and much more. Also, Vodafone provides you subscription to Vodafone Play or Netflix that can be browsed easily on the go to watch HD movies and much more. If you’re a gamer then you can easily play heavy games with great graphics while outside or at work with the strong network of Vodafone.

I highly suggest my favourite network connection to all of you. As I always keep talking about it to my fellow bloggers and colleagues I just thought of writing a blog upon it. I am going to write more blogs about the needs of a blogger so stay tuned and connected!

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