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The 15th Odeon theatre Festival by Vodafone

The theatre is a long-lived art and loved by all of us. Every one of us has encountered a theatre act once or more in our life. Some have participated themselves and some have speculated the beauty. But there has been a constant fall in the number of theatres for quite a few years due to over-popularity of films, television dramas and web series. They are readily available and can be viewed anywhere anytime thus the results. Still, the theatre has its own grace and is a big heritage of Bengal. A live performance by the talented artists can never be compared with a pre-recorded act having a number of cuts and edits. Thus, Vodafone has been making immense efforts to support this fragile art and make it live even longer for 15 years through the Odeon Theatre Festivals which are one of the biggest and oldest theatre festivals in Kolkata.

Moments from 15 years of Odeon Theatre Festival by Vodafone

2018 is the year of the grand 15th Odeon Theatre festival by Vodafone. 22nd February 2018 was the press release of the four days long activity which started from that day itself. It went on until 25th February and included some enigmatic performances by eminent theatre personalities like Bratya Basu, Debshankar Halder, Goutam Halder, Sharman Joshi and much more. Let’s see some moments from the press release itself held at the luxurious Park Hotel, Kolkata.

The Lighting Ceremony

The eminent guests of honour

The known corporate anchor

The talented Bratya Basu

The business head of Vodafone Kolkata and rest of Bengal, Arvinder Singh Sachdev


IMG_8264.JPGDebshankar Halder, the eminent actor

Actor Sharman Joshi sent his message across through a wonderful video to make our experience even better!

Vodafone has always made sure that the culture of our city is maintained through different forms and this effort is also one of them. This year, they brought Bengali an even Hindi plays together to create diverse content for Kolkata to speculate. Vodafone Odeon Theatre Festival 2018 took a step forward and encouraged the youngsters to take part this time. The festival had 20 colleges and 20 renowned theatre groups across the city competing in different segments. They were mentored by great theatre artists like Bratya Basu, Soumitra Chatterjee, Debshankar Halder, Goutam Halder, Meghnad Bhattacharya, Anirban Bhattacharya and much more. It was a big opportunity for the theatre loving young enthusiasts.

The winning colleges were Vidyasagar college, Moulana Azad college, Sarojini Naidu college and Vivekananda College. They were felicitated by the celebrities and given a chance to perform their best plays at the Minerva Theatre in front of all the theatre lovers from Kolkata.

The theatre groups by the leading artists mentioned above performed their plays at the Minerva Theatre & GD Birla Shabhaghar, one of the best auditoriums in Kolkata. Namely,

Gang directed by Pritwis Rana casting Samrat Ghatak and others,

21 Grams directed by Bratya Basu casting Poulomi Basu, Partha Bhowmick and others,

Mumbai Nights also directed by Bratya Basu casting Goutam Halder and others,

Mulya again directed by Bratya Basu casting Debshashankar Halder, Senjuti Mukhopadhyay, Rajat Ganguly and Bratya Basu himself,  last but not the least-

Main or Tum directed by Sharman Joshi casting Tejashri Pradhan and Sharman Joshi.

Some moments from the theatre are here:


Some more…




It was a great experience being a part of this historic venture by Vodafone. I love our culture and theatre arts should never die out. Thanks to Vodafone for this great effort and opportunity for the Bengali community.

Lastly, I would like to share some more funfilled moments from the exquisite press meet of Vodafone 15th Odeon Theatre Festival:


My moments…




Last but not the least, FOOD!!





Support our culture and help your own community to preserve it Just like Vodafone!

Also, a different blog with all the details of this look will be up soon. Have a nice day! Thanks for reading.



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