Bong Look for Basanta Utsav & Dol Jatra

I hope you all had a very joyful Dolyatra and Holi! This time our festival was celebrated in a vast manner all over the world. Iskcon made the colours reach nooks and corners leaving behind all boundaries.

If you don’t know about Dolyatra, let me tell you a little about it- It is a very big festival in Assam, Odisha and Bengal from where I belong. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is played with charming colours and by adorning images or statutes of Lord Krishna with flowers, leaves, coloured powders specifically known as ‘Abir” in Bengal in a swing taken out in procession. The whole festival is gathered around this beautiful arrangement! Dol Purnima is very important for us Bengalis because Shri Chaitanyadev took birth on this day who is a very important part of our Vaishnavism.

On this day, we apply colours on each other and welcome the joyful spring in our life! Forgetting all problems and fights, this day unites all. Late Rabindranath Tagore made this festival even popular in Bengal by conducting the famous ‘Bosonto Utsav’ which means ‘ Festival of Spring’. This has become a ritual since then. Every Bengali wraps up in colourful clothing, mostly saree for women and punjabi kurta for men. The festival is hosted in Shantiniketan. Rabindra Bharati University and in much more places!

Here are some of my glimpses from Basanta Utsav cladded in a parrot green taant saree. Taant is one of my favourite textiles as it is soft and best for our hot Indian weather. It has a great air passing quality and is a very lightweight material. Most importantly, it is indigenous to Bengal so as per me is the best choice for a Bengali festival!

I paired up the beautiful taant cotton saree with a sleeveless cotton blouse and white wooden bangles.

I also wore a white garland on my bun to highlight the aesthetics. It is a common practice in Bengali girls to apply flowers on our hair.

Along with that, I wore an indigenous pair of necklace and earrings made out of Tulsi seeds. It is one of my favourite collection and is very unique! I love the beige colour.

Abir is applied on each other, known or unknown in a very elegant manner in Boshonto Utsav. There is also a lot of dancing, singing and other arts involved.

A minimal makeup with kajal and lipstick was preferable as the colours add to the beauty on this day!

Everyone seems to be very happy and along the spring vibes for this festival! It is a great way to celebrate love and joy with colours but only if they are chemical free.

I totally adore the theme of this festivity which is ‘Happiness’!

This one is my personal favourite! Proper candid.

That is how I decked up for Basanta Utsav and Dol Jatra. Share your looks with me on my Instagram as well! Would love to see. I kept it plain and simple for this time. What about you?

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