Quick tip for facial like glow at home

I won’t waste your time and straight move to the quick tip to bring facial like glow at home and that also in minutes!

Saraswati puja is here and before any festival we like our glow to be a bit more than normal but broke girls like me cannot afford a costly facial at the salon lol so let’s do this:

For this home remedy we need

A banana cut into half and mashed into paste

Milk- Two tablespoon

and honey- 1 teaspoon

Mix all of the ingredients together and you will get a paste like this:

This is the leftover amount after I already applied it on my face.

Apply all over your face and neck generously and leave till it dries out. Don’t talk or make any kind of facial movements.

When dry, wash it off with water and do not apply anything else at least for an hour.

Enjoy the instant glow!

Image courtesy: Google and me!


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