How I spent my Christmas 2k17

A belated Merry Christmas to all of my readers and I am extremely apologetic for not writing any blogs for long!

It has been a bit tough to live sane lately so I just stopped whatever I was doing and gave myself some rest. After all, nothing good can be done with a dysfunctional brain and it needs rest too which we obviously ignore!

Never mind! In between all the stuff Christmas came tiptoed and to be honest I was not ready at all!

All my fellow bloggers and vloggers were busy making Christmas posts and videos and I was busy binge-watching Christmas movies with my friend at home! I also ate a lot of chocolate brownies these days. I am in a great need to gain some weight back! I also visited a small cake shop on Christmas eve for blogging related purpose and they spoiled me more with cookies and brownies!

Ginger Man!

Hot chocolate is love! (Watch from Daniel Wellington)

When Christmas came I was so confused about what to do with it. This time I wasn’t even interested in decorating my home due to certain reasons. My friend had invited me to decorate the Christmas tree with her but I couldn’t make time for it. Thanks to my busy schedule!

Also, the budget is a big trouble nowadays. I always have to choose what to do with a certain amount of money- “Should I save it or buy some food? Should I visit the orphanage? This may not be enough so should I just get some gifts for my close ones or just buy some new clothes for myself?? There is also a need to update my makeup stuff so should I invest in that or maybe I can just order some biryani with it?!” There are always such confusions.

This year was full of ups and downs and lately, I was not really loving myself and was letting myself down for each and every other reason. I was keeping others happiness above me and draining myself out.  Christmas is all about a new life, happiness, joy and gifts so this time I decided to make my own soul happy! This time the person I needed to gift joy was myself and I did it.

I got myself a pair of new clothes and shoes! Luckily, I got extremely good stuff for very less as compared to average prices.


Outfit details:

Cold shoulder top, jeggings, informal blazer and shoes from local markets

Earrings gifted by Lakme

I love good food like anything so I and my loved ones decided to go for a buffet dinner but as usual, the prices were extremely high. We took 3 days to decide which one to avail! At last, we went to Regenta Orkos for attending their buffet dinner on 25th December evening.

Before that we had planned to go to Park Street for some time but we got so busy in chatting and clicking at home that it got cancelled.

The evening plan turned out to be extremely good. Everything is anyway good when you’re filled with love. I was lucky enough!

I love Christmas decor and whenever I find some I click myself with it!

Merry Christmas !!!

The dinner started with a glass of exquisite red wine. I am not really fond of red wine but with food and time, I tend to like it. Also, the wine that was served here was of great quality.

These people are great foodies as well so I am the one who eats less between them. I am not someone who eats a lot! I eat less but I eat well.

Bag from Benetton

So now let’s come to the food!

Love the starters!

The turkey was the speciality and it was made with cranberry syrup. Everyone was fond of it except me!

And now the main part of my life, the one that lights up my world like nothing,

the one and only BIRYANI!!

Yes, it was there and I loved it. I am crazy about biryani and I can give up my life for it! What about you?

Lastly, the desserts were as good as my Christmas. The green apple and vanilla flavour just won my heart. All’s well that ends well.

Love the Christmas tree feels! 

This time the Santa that brought me happiness!!

Insta Story Fun!

And some more close-ups of what I wore:

And when you are genuinely happy your eyes sparkle! I will miss all the glitters and lights of this Christmas too much. It was really filled with genuine happiness, efforts and love which nowadays we start lacking.

I had thought of visiting some other places and make other people happy but then I realised I myself needed some pamper and so I did!

Sometimes it’s worth you!

Lastly, I am sure you will relate to this:

Our face when we see the Christmas cake!
Our face when the cake is over!

(p.s. no cake was given to her anyway!) ❤

So that was my Christmas and I hope all of your celebrations were great too. If it was not that special, do not worry because the universe has something better in store for you. Never lose hope and never forget to love yourself.

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