Busting Shaving myths with Gillette Venus Breeze!

All of us are aware of the easiest way of body hair removal and that is undoubtedly ‘shaving’ but there are a lot of myths revolving around this common practice. We will try to bust some of them in this blog.



American women started shaving their underarms after the year 1915. After that shaving became a necessity over there. Then came the sleeveless dress and in the Harper’s Bazaar magazine it was mentioned that to wear it women need to remove the objectionable hair and it was followed by all since then! The legs were not much visible in the 20’s but in the 30’s again showing off legs came in trend and the 40’s brought in even shorter skirts so shaving suddenly got even lot more importance.



But still shaving has a lot of myths around it and it’s high time we get through them so let’s bust the myths and face the truth!

  1. Shaving causes hair to grow back thicker- Absolutely wrong. Hair growth depends on genetics and not your procedure of its removal. The blunt ends make it seem thicker and to avoid even that you should always shave in the direction of hair growth. it will give you a smooth shave and reduce chances of razor burns, irritation, nicks and cuts. IMG_2519
  2. Shaving causes hair to grow back faster than normal- This is wrong too. hair grows at its own pace and shaving doesn’t affect it at all. But shaving doesn’t chop off the hair from the roots thus it grows in the exact natural rate rather than in case of waxing where the hair is pulled off the roots. Pulling method is not always safe because it can loosen your skin or make blood ooze out in case you have a sensitive one. 2017-08-31-20-20-44-732
  3.  A new razor can cause you lots of cuts and razor burns- This is just insane because a new razor will give you the closest shave. In case of an old razor, you have to put more pressure than in case of a new one thus the opposite. A smooth blade will give a fast output and softer skin. One with the gel bars like our Gillette Venus Breeze will help you in this even better!
  4.  More the pressure, better the shave- Not at all. In fact, this can cause your skin to cut. The smoother you run your blades the better will be the shave. The best trick is to keep the blades flat on your skin. IMG_2539
  5. Shaving blackens your skin- It doesn’t actually. The wrong technique can cause a black patch to appear after an amount of time. This is because if you keep rubbing anything against your skin in a repetitive way with a lot of pressure it will darken your skin. Thus you need to glide your razor smoothly in a relaxing manner. If your razor is not giving proper results in one or two glides just change it. 2017-08-31-20-21-39-348
  6. Razors can be shared with your close ones- NO. A big one. It is really unhygienic to use anyone else’s razor and skin infections can get transferred this way. 2017-08-31-20-23-03-266
  7.  Shaving makes the skin dry- Wrong again. Gliding the blades repeatedly does that. Also moving the razor in the wrong direction can contribute to flaking your skin. Thus beware of the correct methods of shaving. IMG_2532

I hope I could bust all the common myths stuck in our mind about shaving! If you still have any question just shoot it at me in the comments section or through my below-mentioned info.

The razor shown in the pictures is the new Gillette Venus Breeze which I am currently using. It has Three consecutive blades and two gel bars which makes shaving much easier than my previous experiences. I personally advise all of you to try it once. You can shop or check out the razor here: Gillette Venus Breeze Shopping Link


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