The March Edition of MyEnvyBox

I was sent the March edition of luxury beauty box by MyEnvyBox. I am going to review the package here and for starting I would say I am really impressed.

The box came inside a cardboard packaging which made sure the contents inside are untouched and safe. The main box is extremely beautiful and carries the floral vibes of Spring!


I literally love those floral prints on white and it heightened my expectations about the products inside!



The first look after unboxing is here:


I found some vouchers and coupons with discount codes on the top and the main products inside were segregated beautifully with the amazing concept of using hay! I really liked this creative part of myenvybox.


This is what the March edition of myenvybox actually looks like after opening.

After the unboxing, I am coming off to the main products and reviews now.


The first product that I found inside was the Coffee and Cocoa Body Wrap by Neemli Herbals.


It is a herbal face mask made up of coffee and cocoa to prevent breakouts in summer. Coffee and cocoa are known to remove impurities, unclog pores and cure pimples thus this product is a savior in this hot and humid summer.


What I love about this product is that its 100% natural.

The instructions for usage, ingredients and other details are provided at the back of the packaging.


All over I love this product and I the fact that it is efficient enough for usage this month or any time of summer.

The next product is


It is a free sample of Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil from Eyova. The presence of egg oil makes this product stand out from other oils. Egg oil helps your hair in catching a healthy shine very fast.  Also using an oil is much easier than using egg pack because of its long lasting rotten smell and time consumption in washing methods. Thus this product is great!


We can read about the benefits of the product on its packaging. also the ingredients list is provided at the top.



The directions for usage are also provided to make your work easier.


I am really excited to use this product because we all know the positive effects of eggs on hair and if you don’t then please read the above descriptions.

Next I found this lovely product which I was craving much to use:


The Essence Lip Liner. I am really crushing at the shade of this lip liner which is Cute Pink but you can also get this product in two more shades according to your choice. The other available shades for this months myenvybox are Red Blush and Honey Berry.


Essence lip liners have always been my favorite due to their smudge proof quality and durability. They help my lipsticks to last longer. So this one is another win! I love this shade and its texture. It matches with most of my lipsticks in shades of pink.

Next comes the Beauty Potion from Wikka.


For this product, at first I would like to say that I love the packaging! It looks so luxurious and truly rewards the word Potion.

It’s made up of Aloe Vera and Avocado Oil along with other exceptional ingredients which will tend to take away the tiredness and ageing effect from your skin. It is a product from the world of Aromatherapy so I can totally rely on it. The effect can be seen in both short and long term.


The cost of this product is provided and it is Rs 700 INR.

Now comes the gifts of Spring; fragrances!

Fragrances are always great at catching my attention and this time I have to admit that I am carried away by the packaging itself once again! Have a look yourself-


Aren’t they beautiful? These are small samples from the house of fragrances of Eternal Garden sent by All Good Scents. They are eau de parfum for women and are manufactured in France. They comes in two flavors of Jasmine and Rose and from my opinion I will say that they can indulge you in a strong sense of freshness in this heat.


Behind the wonderful packaging lies all the details and here is a look of it-


After all these exciting products, here comes the last but not the least-

The Green Tea sachets of Gardner Street-Glow.


They come in a pack of three and has hibiscus and marigold in it. We can find the instructions of preparation at the back of the sachets.


Green tea is necessary for every season and for every person. It detoxifies our body and take out impurities. The pollution and stress causes us a lot of harm which is diminished by green tea. So, this was really important to complete the March package. Also the flavors makes it taste better than normal green tea.

So here were all the products and their reviews.


I loved all the products from the March edition and if you want to grab this box just browse the site here:

March Edition of MyEnvyBox

and you can find more exciting offers here: http://www.myenvybox.com/

Do grab the catch and let me know how was your experience!

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