– This word ultimately makes you think of luxury right? It’s like an instinct, “That girl looks fashionable. She must be spending too much on fashion!” But from my childhood I used to think that why does fashion needs to be so costly? Can’t I be fashionable just because I am not rich enough? It used to hit me hard and didn’t stop hitting till adolescence and then adulthood. But I got the answer long back and it’s a ‘No’. A big no; fashion is a for anyone who wants to in fashion. It just depends on our will to look good and not on the price of clothes, accessories, makeup, etc! Fashion is your own style. The designers you follow, do they follow anybody? I bet no. They create their own fashion. That’s it guys, create your own fashion. A single saree can be drape in a hundred ways and a single jeans can look different every time you wear it depending on its customization. A single neck piece can be used with both eastern and western wear. Think; that’s the key.

I used to look at the luxurious famous brands and think how lucky they are to rise to this fame! Obviously their hard effort paid off. But the only thing that disturbs me about most of the brands are that they can’t really touch the heart of India. India has a vast population, most of them are middle class or below poverty line. Will they very enter the shops? I never found my mom taking me to a designer brand’s shop to buy clothes. That’s the case. Nothing for the commoners. We always had felt uneasy about them. That hit my head more.

I want to see a brand some day who takes care of all; who won’t just be open for the highest class of rich people but “from the high streets to the red hamlets.” It should be levelling fair priced and the quality should be maintained accordingly. The poor of our country don’t have the privilege to do fashion so may be a part of the brand can look forward to their uprise so as to increase buyers.

Fashion is not costly or just branded. Create it, visit roadside shops, assemble clothes and accessories, experiment with hair, colours and just be spontaneous! Fashion will walk up to you! My love for it is never ending and so is for The New!

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