The Elegant Radiance Look

I created this look with the help of some mixed cosmetics.

Here goes the details :

Hair: Ruffled hair. Coloured with professional hair colour. Mahogany red. Now faded. I have a hair with natural curls. I induce them more by ruffling them using hands into rough curls.

Eyes: Thin winged eyeliner above. Both side eyelashes elongated with mascara. Grey kohl used in the lower waterline. 

Eyebrows untouched. No eyeshadow. Voluminous mascara used. Sharp pen eyeliner used.

Cheeks: Contoured with light contour stick and blush used is pale brown. My right cheek.

Another side view of my left cheek.

Now comes the best part. My favourite. The lips. I used matte velvet red lipstick. I didn’t use any lip liner.

The matte effect is at its best. The colour makes my face even brighter. 

Here’s how it actually looks on my face.

The whole look comes up very light, elegant yet attractive and bold. It will definitely make you stand out at the evening party without making you feel awkwardly different from others. It’s one of the best look for a mild celebrain of anything. Good for both outdoor and indoor events.

Here’s some more snaps:

Guys I am really sorry that I didn’t include the brand and product names in my blog because right now I am endorsing any brands. I will definitely done endorsements later with more collaborations.

But I have a solution for all of you and that is if you want to know about the products used and their brands or have any query about the usage or quality, you can DM me on Instagram @thebongfashionblog or message me on my Facebook page – The BongFashionblog.

You can also follow me on Roposo as @thebongfashionblog and on Twitter as @chqndrayeechaks.

Take care and live in style. Style is not costly. It’s just the way you want to portray yourself. 


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