My New DIY Nail Art

As I promised, I am here to share the steps to make my new nail art.

I won’t get into a long blog, but for information nail art is quite simple and we don’t need to pay the parlours every time for everything.Innovation is fun!

Anyways, so the colours I used were

1) Mint Green

2) White

3) Transparent top coat

I don’t want to disclose any brand in my blog. If you want the details you can ask me personally on Facebook or Instagram.

Let’s jump to the steps:

  • 1) Clean your nails and make sure there are no bumps on it. Shape them into same sizes. 
  • 2) Now paint all the nails mint green smoothly.
  • 3) Take the white nail paint and a thin stick. (Like one we find at the end of incense sticks.)
  • 4) Dip the stick into the bottle of white nail paint, take it out and make small round drops of it over your nail, one at a time.
  • 5) Now before the drops dry up, quickly smear them in straight unruly zig zag patterns.
  • 6) After you are completed with the patterns, paint them with the transparent top coat; 2 coats will be convinient to get the glossy fine look.

7) Repeat the same with all other nails and one nail at a time.

I hope this will help.

Take care. Stay with Style.

Chandrayee Chakraborty

Find me on Instagram and Facebook as @chandrayeefashionblogger

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