Last day outing was all about fun with friends and a movie that I didn’t find interesting.
So the best part of the day was getting clicked and spending good time with friends!
It was a day of woman in black.

Black is an an abstract colour though its mostly about darkness but i think due to its own dark component it shines you out among all others.



My black Ray ban aviators always grab my attention on bright sunny days! Such savior!


My oversized black handbag completes my look so perfectly that I can never get rid of it! And after all its a major need for a whole day outside.


Black makes you look sleek and bounded. It gives you a perfect, definite shape and confines you in a compact way making you seem even more eye catchy!


My signature metallic watch with that big dial goes with almost of everything I wear. It’s my favorite! I can never say enough of it!


And then when you are happy the attitude speaks it all! My faded blue jeans and simple maroon sandals added to comfort and style in the best manner! Such soft soled sandals are best for days when you need to be on your feet at most.

Obviously the smile being constant!


Whenever you are confused about what to wear, may it be sunny or sultry just WEAR BLACK! Nothing can ever make it out of trend or off fashion. You will always end up looking attractive!


See you guys soon again!

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Chandrayee Chakraborty

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