Abstract Draping (Break The Trend)

Draping is a very old way of clothing.
From the ancient times it was the first way of covering our body.
And eventually the intelligent mankind started trying new ways of draping.
Indian, Greek, Roman and much more.
All kinds of draping are eye catching.
The best thing about draping is that you can do it your way- Be it the elegant style or your bad-ass one. Your choice.
Here’s one from my side:


It’s an abstract way of draping in a fusion style where I have used an Indian saree to drape in an unusual style paired off with gothic ornaments like metal earrings with black feathers attached to give a staunch look, a coconut shell made headgear, trendy metallic hand bangles and a beaded chain attached to the bosom to give a new look.

The saree is of crape silk material with black outlined floral prints, the double layered black blouse with puffy shoulders accompanies it as no other.
The boots supports the official attitude and gives an odd impression to the viewer catching glances in just few seconds.

The boots gives the ‘break the trend’ look and sets off a new one.
The way of draping the saree, especially in the neck partially in the form a tie also supports the ‘break the trend’ official look.

the black ‘Bindi’ adds on a new glam to the look all over along with black eyed make up with white highlights and dark brown lips. The high puffed hair along with double buns add on more. The red nail polish all of a sudden breaks the black and white monotony and catches a notice.
All over the look is never a bore and is perfect for a fashion show round of abstract draping.
This is one of my personal favourites.

Variations by myself.
Not to be copied.

Chandrayee Chakraborty

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