Hello everyone,
This is Chandrayee Chakraborty from Kolkata, a new fashion aspirant. This is a new start to my dream related to the Fashion world. The idea of blogging came to me through different sources as of from friends, family, fashion websites, brands, social networking etc. Carried off by the idea here is the result!
Being new to this I have lots of things to explore but the wish was down there from childhood to be in this industry.
Styling, apparels and much more always attracted me and later it came up as an idea for my profession.
I have a very little amount of experience in this field like designing for fashion shows and then attending some fashion designing diploma classes. Due to some circumstances I was unable to complete it but will regain it back soon.
I hope I will be able to put up some good pieces to refresh your vision.
And if you like it then feel free to favorite or follow my posts as it will give me more of encouragement and enthusiasm to work.
The things that I need the most are appreciation and criticism!
After all whatever I do is for my viewers and some day my beloved clients! So wish me luck and stand by me through my journey!
Thank you!

You can find me on Facebook and Twitter as Chandrayee Chakraborty.
On Instagram you can find me as ChandrayeeFashionBlogger – my official fashion blogging account and as Chandrayee Chakraborty too which is my personal account!


Chandrayee Chakraborty

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